Casino Scammers


The Cigarette Packet Roulette Scam of 1973 was a classic case of beauty meets brains. The main stars in this particular act were a crafty roulette dealer, his gorgeous sister and his brother-in-law. Together they slapped Casino Deauville (France) with a $1 million loss.

How They Did It

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The story begins with a dealer working at Casino Deauville. At a glance, there was nothing extraordinary about him but what his employer didn’t know was that he was quite a whiz when it came to electronics.

Together with his relatives, the roulette dealer devised a way to put his genius into good use. Their plan was to control the roulette ball and chose where it would land. For this he reached out to an equally brilliant mind; a sculpture who created a special ball just for the dealer’s table.

Within the ball was a tiny receiver that allowed the ball’s movements to be controlled remotely. And to complete his infamous tools of trade the dealer fitted a cigarette pack with a transmitter and an invisible button and the trio was ready to play.

The dealer snuck the doctored ball into the casino while his sister gracefully carried the cigarette pack to his table. It is here that the dealer’s brother-in-law began to place bets while the woman discretely steered the ball in the right direction.

The sight was simply unbelievable; the ball seemed to know exactly where the winning numbers were. How could anyone be so lucky? In fact, that was the question on the casino owner’s mind especially after the trio walked away with about $1 million in just one week of play.

The Undoing

The knockout and her relatives should have quit while they were ahead but the commonest flaw among criminals also affected this trio: greed. Blinded by their success, the gang did not realize that they were being watched.

At first, the casino suspected that the dealer was up to no good but they could not see anything unusual about the way he was working. The answer to their questions came in a rather unusual manner: the casino owner was drawn to the beauty who was always seated at this particular dealer’s table.

Little did the lady know that her beauty would be her undoing; suddenly Casino Deauville’s owner was watching more than just her pretty face. Questions began to be raised about why she always lurked around one table. And why did she place such trivial bets? What about the man who seemed to be on a consistent winning spree?

The casino owner concluded that whatever was happening had something to do with some sort of electronic interference. So they brought in the experts who swept the room while the cheats were plying their trade; their game was up.

The Aftermath

The story ends with the beautiful woman and her compadres being led away in handcuffs. As to what happened to them after that- your guess is as good as mine!