Casino Scammers

Dustin Marks



Dustin D. Marks is an enigma; he is one of the few casino scammers that have successfully evaded the long arm of the law. His real name and whereabouts are unknown however, it is alleged that he has stolen millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos in a career spanning several decades.

How He Did It

It is believed that Dustin worked as a blackjack dealer for a couple of years in the 80s and 90s changing jobs from one casino to another. He was a master of deception being able to pull off almost every trick in the book without being caught.

To avoid detection Marks worked with accomplices who would frequent his tables. However, unlike many of his criminal counterparts he was smart enough to ensure that his cronies always placed bets that would not raise eyebrows. Furthermore, to ‘balance the books’ on his table whenever his people won he would rig the game to ensure everyone else lost.

His bag of tricks was seemingly endless; for instance he could manipulate the cards with his fingers in such a way as to reveal the value of the cards. He would then secretly alert his accomplice whenever something good was about to come their way and of course they shared the spoils.

Marks had also perfected the art of ‘false shuffling’ in fact he was so good that he did it right in front of his supervisors who were none the wiser. He wasn’t just great with his hands but he proved that he was good with numbers as well. In the short time it takes to scoop up the cards and shuffle them he would figure out the positions of the winning cards and ensure that they landed in the hands of his partner.

What’s more, the man could ‘second deal’ and ‘card count’ with amazing accuracy. It is safe to say that Marks was multi-talented in all the wrong ways. But some have argued that it’s not his fault he was so good; he had a criminal mind and the casinos provided him with the perfect platform to optimize his skills. All he had to do was simply report to work.

The Aftermath

Dustin Marks has never been caught, in fact the only reason we know about him is because he decided to brag about his exploits in his books Cheating At Blackjack and Cheating At Blackjack Squared. He also released a DVD that highlights his main tricks.

Some have wondered why he didn’t just keep his mouth shut; many think that he was just a show-off. In addition, conspiracy theorists have suggested that maybe he wrote the books in an attempt to find a protégé whom he could mentor into the ultimate casino scammer.

Whatever the case, the release of his books was another smart move by a professional gambler. It was timed in such a way as to ensure that the statute of limitations had expired thus technically no one can touch him.