Casino Scammers

If you’ve ever watched Ocean’s Eleven, you’ll know the movie is about one of the greatest casino heists of all time. But, we bet you never expected that anything like it could happen in real life! Well, prepare to be amazed as we introduce you to the real-life Down Under Danny Ocean, and the tale of his elaborate casino scam.


Australian casino The Crown, in Melbourne, was the unlikely setting for an event straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. A man and his accomplice were able to scam £20 million ($32 million) from the casino in just a single evening. The elaborate and daring heist was carried out right under the noses of pit bosses and casino bigwigs. And, the most amazing thing is that it was done using just a cheap ear piece. Let’s find out more…


So, the fable goes that the man, staying in the hotel with his family, was a regular high-roller, and he was known to bet large sums of money at the tables. This kind of player is referred to by staff as a ‘whale,' and the man certainly fit into this category. Everything was going smoothly until the man was granted access to the casinos exclusive VIP room. It was here that events began to unfold!


He played only eight hands of Poker, before scooping the staggering amount of money. As you might imagine, this was more than enough to raise a few eyebrows. Security had been watching the tables on the cameras and deduced that nothing was amiss. Little did they know they weren’t the only eye in the sky. Yes, apparently the man’s accomplice was also viewing the table, and communicating to the would-be Mr. Ocean exactly what hands his opponents had!