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The Cutter Gang


The mainly Asian ‘Cutter Gang’ burst into the headlines in 2011 following a $1 million heist on Cosmopolitan in Sin City. The group’s game of choice was baccarat and it is believed that they hit Asian casinos before moving to Nevada.

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How They Did It

It is not a coincidence that the ‘Cutters’ chose baccarat as their target. Their entire strategy was pegged on the fact that in this game when the dealer shuffles the cards it is common practice for him to allow one of the players to ‘cut’ them.
Armed with this knowledge, the tech-savvy thieves went ahead to acquire tiny cameras that they hid in their sleeves. The plan was that several members of the gang would play at the same table and one of them would have the opportunity to ‘cut’ the cards. While doing this he would slightly expose the cards allowing the hidden camera to record their sequence.

Once he had what he wanted, the ‘cutter’ would thenleave the table and it is believed that he would relay the information to the rest of the gang members while the game was still in play. It is also possible that the ‘cutter’ would make use of the valuable intelligence and win big. All he needed to do was to get rid of the camera and any other incriminating devices before returning to the table.

The Undoing

It has been suggested that things started going south for the ‘Cutter Gang’ when Macau authorities began to investigate their activities. They issued an advisory to their counterparts around the world warning of an “extremely well-organized” gang on the prowl.

At this point, it would seem that the gang jumped ship and relocated to Las Vegas. Here too things did not go as well as they had anticipated especially after Cosmopolitan suspected that they were filming the cards. As a matter of fact, the casino called in the authorities who could not find any recording materials on the suspects and had to let them go.

The Aftermath

Details of whether the gang hit any other casinos within Las Vegas remain sketchy, however at some point in 2012 there were reports that a gang fitting their description had been spotted in New Zealand’s SkyCity casino.
The group had clearly not changed their tactics: a player cut the cards and hurriedly excused himself before the dealer was suddenly bombarded with exciting bets that resulted in wins of $4.5 million.

It goes without saying that SkyCity did not pay out the winnings immediately and instead opted to alert the authorities. In the midst of the investigations the gang members made their way back to Singapore but as fate would have it they had not learnt anything from their previous brushes with the law. Rumor has it that they attempted to defraud a casino in Asia but ended up being arrested. It is however unclear whether it was the entire gang that was apprehended or just a part of it. This is not the first time there's been a gang or mob that's fleeced casinos of their money. There's quite a few famous examples of mob members who were involved in some fairly shady stuff that earnt them not only a pretty penny, but more often than not an extensive amount of time in jail. Do you think it's worth it?