Casino Scammers

The Roselli Brothers



The mysterious Roselli Brothers are some of the most revered casino scammers of all time. It is thought that between 1995 and 2000 they stole approximately $37 million from casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and across the waters in Puerto Rico.

How They Did It

The Rosellis were no ordinary gangsters; whereas many scammers allowed greed to cloud their judgment and lead to their downfall these boys stuck to their plan to the very end. And their strategy was pure genius especially at a time when cyber-crime was still in its formative stages.

The group whose exact number has never been conclusively established employed the services of a hacker to acquire credit records of several well moneyed gamblers. But the criterion was not just money, the chosen few also had to have accounts in various leading casinos and possess an excellent credit record.

Once they had identified their targets they went on to use them as pawns to acquire their ultimate goal: exorbitant lines of credit. Basically, the brothers sought to gain the trust of leading casinos that in turn extended their credit. The first step in this part of the plan was to steal the identities of the affluent gamblers they had already picked and use these identities to open multiple accounts in major casinos.

With the accounts in operation, the Roselli Brothers funded them with $50,000 each and maintained a healthy yet ‘credible’ balance until the stipulated six month waiting period for credit application had elapsed. One might wonder where they got the money that funded the accounts. It is believed that the brothers were actually New Jersey gangsters and that this money was channeled from other illegal activities that they were involved in.

Having gotten into the casinos’ good books, the brothers went on to play like any other gambler; they ‘won’ and ‘lost’ in the usual manner and even paid back all their markers within reasonable timeframes. Casino officials who were yet to realize that a game of ‘offset betting’ was being played on them continued to extend the gangsters’ credit. Thus the group bounced around from one casino to the next without anyone raising and eyebrow.

The Aftermath

By 2000 the Rosellis were on top of their game, they had the casinos in their pockets and some of them had extended their credit to $1 million! Then one day, just as discretely as they first appeared the brothers were gone and of course they took every last dime that had been availed to them.

One has to hand it to them for staying under the radar for about five years. The FBI did not even get wind of them until they were nowhere to be found. Moreover, none of them was ever caught and the actual number of people that took part in the heist is still a mystery. However, it is widely accepted that the brothers may have been the generals but they must have had some foot soldiers to bring it all together.