Casino Scammers

Top Online Casino Scams

Online casinos are popular and even more accessible to players than the regular land-based casinos. They have opened up another audience to the world of casino gaming. These days you can sit in your living room, or in your bedroom, and be transported to a modern casino. Gambling in your pyjamas may not be on your bucket list, but it’s certainly pretty cool.

Now, if you are new to the process of online gaming, you need to make sure you choose the right sort of casino. It’s important to understand what is involved in the process of online gambling, and the biggest thing is choosing the right casino. Now, this can be a minefield because there are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from, and not all of them are reputable.

You might well have heard horror stories about online casinos, and the scams they have pulled on players. And you need to be aware of these if you’re going to have a chance of avoiding them. Some of the scams are more complex than others, and some you may never have known to look out for. Here is a list of some of the top online casino scams you need to look out for as a player.

Account Closure

One of the classic tricks many casinos will try to pull these days is to close people’s accounts for no apparent reason. This will often happen following a big win from the player, and the casino will fabricate a reason to close the player’s account. This will leave the player unable to withdraw their winnings, and cause plenty of anger and frustration. This is also part of the ‘Slow Pay/No Pay’ scam that many casinos are running these days. This is much more of a cunning ploy than Slow Pay/No Pay because players are then unable to access their accounts and work on trying to get the money back. You need to make sure you thoroughly research and check out any casino before you sign up and play. Have a look to make sure that no users have experienced similar problems, and check out Trustpilot for casino ratings.

Fixed Games

The most infuriating and frustrating of casinos scams is one that involves fixed games or software. This is something that is really difficult because you have no way of knowing whether it’s going to be a problem. This is a scam in which casino games and software are rigged in favour of the House, so players are duped out of money. Players playing on their computers and mobile phones often have no idea that this scam is happening; they simply think they are incredibly unlucky. The best way of avoiding issues with fixed games is to avoid the lesser known casinos and stick to the big names. They are generally all reputable, and you can be sure you are being treated fairly. This is still one of the most common problems players face when they sign up online. However, in recent years there have been steps talent to rectify this by making sure casinos have provably fair means on their sites.

Stolen Information

Many people in the past have signed up for casinos only to find that they have had their personal and private information stolen. This is a very real risk for a lot of potential customers, and even more so considering how much we rely on the digital world nowadays. So, when you sign up to a casino, the last thing you want is to find out a week later that someone has emptied your bank account. Make sure you are careful and that you only use reputable casinos which provide secure and protected web pages. This kind of scam actually happens more than you would think, so make sure you don’t become the latest victim. Be vigilant and sensible, and, above all, go with your gut on this one.

Unpaid Winnings

Something that many online casino players encounter, even still, is the issue of unpaid winnings. Now, this is the oldest trick in the book for a lot of online casinos, and something you need to beware of. This issue usually happens when a player has played at a casino and made a big win. What happens is that the casino refuses to answer the withdrawal request. Then, when they do, they request all sorts of different documents from you verifying your ID, etc. Customer support may not be too forthcoming, and the casino will try everything in their power not to pay you. Now, the problem we have here is that a casino may well have a right not to pay you if you’ve unknowingly breached any of their terms and conditions. So, make sure you study these at length before you decide whether you want to go ahead and spend money at a specific casino.