Casino Scammers

The one thing everybody always cites as a huge positive when it comes to Bitcoin is how safe and secure it is. Because of the way it works, and the transparency of the block chain, people can be sure their transactions are all safe and validated. Thus makes it damn near impossible to commit fraud or to try to scam people. But, how well does this transpose to casinos?

Casino fraud, as we know, is a big issue far a lot of the big name casinos. Since the dawn of gambling, there have been people who have tried to fleece casinos, with varying degrees of success. There are always new methods and techniques that players are coming up with to try to beat the system and scam casinos. And the question on everyone’s lips is, will Bitcoin help prevent this?

Well, the answer is perhaps a little tricke to give with absolute certainty. The short answer would be, probably, no. At least, not for land-based casinos. Because the fraud and scams that happen in land-based casinos almost always involve real money or chips, this would not be affected by Bitcoin, and so it’s unlikely we would see a change in casino crimes in these scenarios.